Sit Less and Do More! 

Sonja Laurén

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You may be looking for new ways to get your employees moving. 

But do you secretly think that if people aren’t sitting down, they’re not working? 

This is an attitude that holds companies back. Because the truth is that sitting all day is going to make people work slower. And start looking for a job where they can be happier and more motivated. 

Here are 4 ways in which sitting less = getting more done. 

1) Standing desk and standing phone calls 

Sitting and working in different ways is important for your energy levels and your body. Same position all day = not a good idea. 

More companies are making use of standing desks. People can stand for a couple of hours at a time. This provides a change-up which will get them thinking in a new way. 

Did you know that if you stand up during a phone call, it will end sooner? Getting on your feet will help you speed up and make quicker decisions on the phone. 

These ways of sitting less add creativity and save time. 

2) Sit on an exercise ball or a sit fit cushion

A good way to motivate and keep things interesting is to sit on a sit fit cushion or an exercise ball. It will exercise your stomach muscles while you sit. And help keep you focused because your body needs to stay alert and balance.

They can also help you improve your posture. And sitting with your head held high is good for confidence!

Giving employees access to these methods says you care about them being in tip-top shape. 

3) Walking meetings and thinking walks

Everyone needs to think at work. Not just react, but think. You need to solve a problem. And get creative to stay ahead of the competition. That takes thought!

Why not go for a walk?  There are many benefits to this. Fresh air is good for the brain, and increased circulation helps too. You won’t get distracted by your phone. Your eyes get to rest; you might see something that sparks a new idea.

I’m not saying you should walk for 2 hours. But a 20-minute walk where you return with new ideas is a very good thing!

Do you have a meeting planned with someone in your team? Increase the quality of the conversation by doing a walking meeting. With no phones on the desk and fresh air in your lungs, your meeting has better results. 

4) Wellnesshetki / Wellness Minibreak (Taukojumppa!)

Is getting up and exercising during work a waste of time? 

Hell no! 

You can trust that exercise works because many big, successful companies do this. Hootsuite, a big company in the US, has a gym in its office. And Sweden’s Björn Borg staff exercise every Friday for 2 hours! 

Getting moving during the day helps people to:  

  • reduce sick leave 
  • feel happier at work
  • increase productivity.

HR needs to keep employees happy and keep them working hard. Exercise is a fantastic way to do both of these things! 


Do you have any questions? Come and say hi to Erimover at HRx. We’re here to help and here to motivate! Don’t miss our Wellnesshetki at the conference.

A version of this article was originally published on Sonja Laurén’s (Erimover’s CEO) LinkedIn